Serve the City as One - Still On!

Courageous Church 4/17/2015 09:16 pm

Here is a note we got from the Serve the City Organizers. Just wanted you all to stay in the loop. Hope to see you in the morning. We will gather up at 9am and leave from Crosspoint Church to head to Triana to clean up. Can't wait to serve with you! 

Be God's, 


Note From Serve the City: 

We look forward to seeing you Saturday morning.

1. Checkin begins at 8:15 and we all gather in the Worship Center to begin at 9:00am.

2. Bring items to shred. The ARC is offering FREE shredding to all of Madison tomorrow from 10-1.

3. At checkin you will be given a project. Please do not make your own changes. We have limited project participation based on the needs and putting too many in one place IS a problem. The sites are not prepared for extra people.

Thank you and we look forward to Serving The City As One 2015!


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