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Courageous Church 4/15/2015 02:13 pm

This weekend at Courageous Church

Serve the City as One
This Saturday, April 18th. This will be a great day to serve our city together with churches from across the city. Sign Up at Make sure you sign up for the Environmental Services and write "Triana Clean Up” on comment. This will be a great time of making memories as serve our city together.

Never the Same
Do you ever wonder what it would be like to meet Jesus face to face? Experience his life-changing presence every day? It can often seem like something of the distant past, but people actually walked, talked, and spent time with Jesus. During our series we will look at everyday people who met Jesus and where Never the Same. We encourage everyone to invite and bring someone this weekend to Courageous Church. Can’t wait to worship together this Sunday at 10:30 am at Williams School. #neverthesame

Basic Training
This class will walk each participant through 4 basic areas of your personal life, walk with Christ, how our spiritual gifts and personality help us serve, and how to engaged fully here at Courageous Church. We hope that each person will take this class. Basic Training 201 will be taking place this Sunday at 9 am at Williams School. You do not have to take this class in order but you will want to take all four session.

Week 1 : Basic Training 101: Partnership
Week 2 : Basic Training 201: Essentials (This Weekend)
Week 3 : Basic Training 301: Discovery
Week 4 : Basic Training 401: Serve

Sign Up at to let us know you are in and if you need child care! If you signed up at church would you please email to let he know of your child care needs.


Never the Same (Compassion Sunday)
Our church is participating in Compassion Sunday on April 26th at 10:30 am during our service. This is a national event that helps us grow in our understanding of God’s very special love for the poor. It’s also an opportunity for each of us to intervene in the life of at least one child in poverty.

For more information, contact David Walker or Josh Britt at or or visit

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