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Courageous Church
Worship Service Sunday, December 9, 10:30 am - 12:00 pm Williams School, 155 Barren Fork Blvd., Huntsville, AL 35824 Map

We often do the Christmas story a disservice due to its familiarity. More times than not, we romanticize the events of the Nativity as we put them on postcards, in children’s plays, and sing about them in cute Christmas carols. But living through the events of the Christmas story would have at times felt dreadful.

A teenage girl with her future ahead of her was rocked by scandal—even though she didn’t do anything wrong. A newlywed couple was uprooted from their home, their family, and their support system during the most inconvenient time of their lives. A king who was already losing his power to a Roman occupation discovered a new king was born that would be an even greater threat to his authority. It seems every life that was touched by the events of Christmas experienced inconvenience and hardship. Yet, through those inconveniences, the greatest opportunities presented themselves. Opportunities for peace in the midst of chaos, for powerful influence, and ultimately for the salvation of all humanity.

This four-week series tells the Nativity story in a unique and powerful way. We hope you will make plans to attend each week starting December 2nd at 10:30am at Courageous!

We meet in the auditorium at Williams P-8 just off Zierdt Road. See you this Sunday at 10:30am at Courageous Church.

*We always have special environments for our kids (Birth - 5th Grade) during the service. These are fun, safe, and clean spaces for kids to learn about Jesus.

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